Bruiloft bij het Rijk van de Keizer | Trouwfotograaf Amsterdam

October 13, 2022
Their love sparkled 20 years ago while enjoying the night out at Nightlife in Amsterdam. I would assume it was a perfect timing, nice place, great fun, amazing friends, lots of booze. What else do you really need to exchange the phone numbers? Then it all begin, 20 years of building their life together, along with having lots of great fun while traveling, hiking, kickboxing, snowboarding and surfing. Not too shabby I would say. An here we all are with these cute love birds at their wedding day at the rustic bohemian venue, Het Rijk van de Keizer. With only near and dear Helma and Eric celebrated their 20 years of love and adventures together on rainy Saturday in Amsterdam.
Wedding dress: EQ Couture van Jessica @bmstbr
Wedding venue: @hetrijkvandekeizer

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