Kasteel Duivenvoorde in de winter – Bruidsfotograaf Voorschoten

January 12, 2022
It depends. Probably as many of you, I guess I am more like a summer person. I need sun. There is no “but”, I just need it. Still, here it comes… But if it goes about the photography I would not be that sure about my answer, as I love winter. In the Netherlands the winter is different to many other places. We rarely get the snowy days, but mostly wet weather and lots of rains. I mean looooots of rains. But what I like the most is the gloomy foggy cold mornings, when the sun barely shines through the fog and mist. When the sound of steps on the wet pavement is so sharp just here, and the fog makes all the other sounds melted in a thing air. When the bare trees with their fractals-like branches silhouette against thick milky fog. And the fog covers the rest of the world around. So this is when, on one such occasion I have discovered a local beauty, Kasteel Duivenvoorde in Voorschoten. One of my friends had given me a book about it years ago, so I’ve learned much from it’s reach history coming from 13th century, it’s ups and downs, great and no so great owners. So I hope, my friends, with these images you could go with me to a small fairytale adventure in the grounds of Duivenvoorde Castle, where you would hear the rain drops and the objects would magically melt into a thing air in a foggy morning of 12th January 2022.

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