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AS YOUR BRAND PHOTOGRAPHER I WANT TO HELP you to stand out as your clients like to see a real confident person behind your amazing brand

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8 November, 2020

Jonne van Workum

I had a branding shoot with Oksana and I'm so happy with the results. We took a lot of pictures at the beach and the pictures reflect my personality so well. She truly made me feel at ease and she has a very bubbly and lively personality. Would definitely recommend her!

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Simply put “it does exactly what it says on the tin”, the custom made images created exclusively for your business. Watching many SUCCESSFUL and INCREDIBLE entrepreneurs out there, I have decided to create a photography brand associated with them. Because we all need to be visible. Whether you are a videographer, a fellow photographer, a designer, a life coach, a stylist, a personal trainer, a craftsperson, a florist, a makeup artist, an illustrator, a translator, a chef, a dancer, a celebrant or a wedding planner, we all need to be visible as our clients like to see a real person behind our awesome brand!

Why do you need it?

As a photographer I want to help many AMAZING women and men in business become at ease with being seen online. Being visible, while feeling CONFIDENT and gorgeous at the same time. Naturally you want your business to grow and expand, thus professional branding photography can help you to do just that.

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Branding Shoot


  • Epic portraits for your social media, website and LinkedIn;
  • 1hr photo shoot within Leiden en Den Haag. You can choose an area with multiple locations and you can have up to 2 outfits;
  • Your Personal Online gallery of 30 edited images easy to download;
  • Shout outs on my social media.

  • A 15min phone consultation to plan out your shoot
  • A 3hr hour photo shoot at locations
  • After your shoot there will be a blog post on my website about you and your business with links to help you with visibility and SEO. I will also be sharing you and your business across my social media.
  • A fully edited private online gallery with around 150 images downloadable in High & Web Res.
  • 195 EUR

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