Elopement Wassenaar – Meijendel – Leiden – Trouwfotografie

They are young and happy, and full of energy. So they’ve made a decision to marry, let’s say a week ago. Rather quick? Right. But what if you have found in a foreign country the ONE person you feel always at home with, happy and in love? What if only this person understands you, has the same goals, the same tastes, speaks the same language and has the same perception of the World? What if this person makes you laugh aloud? What if you care about this person so much that you know you can build a beautiful life together? And what if all your families and the closest friends are far far away? Right, there is only one thing you can do, you go for an elopement! So they’ve done it and married on Monday in Wassenaar Gemeentehuis at 9:30 in the morning, and went for a fun and crazy adventure with me at the Meijendel, the local beach and then to Sleutelstad Leiden.
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